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Get a free copy of Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User

Woohoo! I’m going to Get a free copy of Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User!!! That’s right…I’m getting a FREE copy of this e-book since I’m a DIgitalFilipino Member. Wehehehe. Just thought it would be fun to write a blog that starts with a taunt. Haha. Janette Toral is an esteemed IT writer, speaker, advocate and “mentor.” Ever since I joined Digitalfilipino, my life in the IT profession has never been the same. Exaggerated ba? Of course not! She has actually taught me so many things, introduced me to the right people and have encouraged me to step out of the comfort zone in working in this industry. Therefore, all I have is praises for her. Her publication on the Philippine Internet Review: Ten Years of the Internet (1994-2004) is also now a collector’s item. You might want to check it out at Now, going back to the topic on her latest E-book. It’s got about 8 lessons, all very important, starting from introduction to blogs to setting up blog networks. The world of blog is fascinating, just tonight, I got a message telling me that through my blog, “I made her day.” Naks, parang PLDT, touching lives. But I’m happy that this is my blog’s effect on other people and it makes all the time spent clickity-clicking on my keyboard all worthwhile. So, whether you...

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