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Syntactics and letIThelp Updates:

A lot of activities and events have happened since the start of this year for our dear Syntactics family and I’m so happy to say that everybody’s been having a great learning experience as well as having a lot of fun with their fellow team-mates. Our very first activity was our summer camp that was held last May and it was our second team-building summer camp activity. We stayed overnight at the Mapawa Nature park where everybody had a blast singing, playing games, zip-lining and everybody participated in our team building activities. The second activity was our retreat where this time, everybody were given the chance to recollect and found solace and peace in prayers and silence. After the retreat, it was heartwarming when I heard (as I was in Manila working in our Makati office – so sad that I was not able to join everyone) about how each and everyone said thank you to the people that have touched their lives. Just recently, we had our very first annual sportsfest at Victoria Beach wherein the Red team was announced as the very first overall sportsfest champion for the two organizations. Yesterday, we had a mini-lecture on “good grooming,” as this is part of our series of self-improvement for everybody (not that it’s really needed, but any additional learning is always appreciated). I will be writing more about...

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