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Team Spirit and Loads of Fun Shared at Syntactics Annual Summer Camp!

April 2009. This year, the team-spirit concept was added to the various events being held by Syntactics. The whole company was divided into 3 teams, each having a distinct color namely red, blue and yellow. Each color had a representative from all the main divisions from the company and these were the administrative, web, software, analysis, OJT and SEO divisions. As a rule, each activity and event will have a corresponding point and at the end of the year, the scores will be tallied and the overall champions will be announced. This new concept made this year’s company summer...

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It’s never too late to post this

Egad! It’s already February and I should be writing about my “possible fateful Valentine’s day” and I’m still trying to catch up with my last year’s posts. So much for writer’s block. So, late October last year our company had our first “Syntactics, Inc. Halloween Party.” I think it’s going to be an annual event as everybody had a great time dressing up as ghouls, goblins and … ahem, I as a pirate. What? You thought Elizabeth Swann was the ultimate gorgeous -pirate? Wait till you see my pirate-pics (aye, shiver-mi-timbers mateys! What confidence! I should be more careful in writing stuff about how I see myself lest I want to “walk the plank”). My being the “guardian of the door” was pretty effective as I was able to tell those coming in “no costume – no entry” with my stern-yet-sweet (haha) pirate face while I was holding my plastic buccaneer sword. Oh yeah, they were so scared of that sword. The only thing I lacked with that costume was a parrot perched on my shoulder. Hmm… I should have gotten my friend’s parrot for that night or at least a week before that so I would have had enough time to train it on how to say “Squawk! No costume – no entry – Squawk!” 😛 We all had a blast as we found it an opportune time...

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Step aside super Ingo, give way to super goma

The setting for our story takes place at the Mapawa nature park A group of happy campers found the perfect spot to pitch their tents and have fun It was a full moon that night And the so called spirits were disturbed by all the racket being made, and so they went out of their hiding places…. To haunt the campers (see the two long haired, white faced ladies in the picture??!! gasp!) The men were too scared to get out of their tents … afraid of the haunting ladies …ISKIR! And thus, witch doctor Inang Emiat was called...

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Techies? Going Camping?

Time has passed and no blog from Honey. What does that mean? It means that Honey is too busy and even in the insomniac moments of her life, she has to work or she would end up panting, catching up with things she has to finish for another week. Okay, enough of referring myself in the third person. It’s beginning to sound scary and schizophrenic. This is now Honey, the first and conscious person speaking. LOL. So much has passed the last few weeks. I have a blog/fairy tale (don’t worry Ba…not you) coming up, inspired by our recent company overnight camping trip with my wonderful and dedicated team. I got a chance to bond with them and actually hear their stories and voices (yes, one of them brought a guitar along so they were singing the night away). Of course, what better topic is there to talk about while around a bonfire but ghost stories, just so we can have a reason to squeal and scream when we hear something creeping behind us and only to find out that someone from the other camp came close to our area to pee by the bushes (okay, exaggerating here). One thing I can comment about that little adventure is that, my ever prepared team of analysts, designers and developers(when it comes to work) must have thought that tents and drinking...

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