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I’m best described as a certified workaholic, insomniac and a fun loving geek who can’t stay offline for too long. Taking time to travel and explore new places is a must as it’s my way of learning of new things and meet old and new friends. I love to work because I love being surrounded by my team. I love weekends because I get to spend time with my family and loved ones. I love to write and express my thoughts.

I started my company, Syntactics, Inc. back in year 2000. I saw the opportunity of SMEs not having an IT solutions provider who can give them their customized business needs as well as continuous support and I saw that there several good graduates from IT related courses who did not have the opportunity to work in a field related to their course in college. 14 years after, the company has grown into a mature organization with officers and team members who know and love their roles too. With persistence, hard work, love for our community and fun, we are able to continuously grow with the changing trends in the industry as well as opened our company to even more opportunities.

This blog allows me to express my thoughts and talk about the things that I have learned all these years. Whilst I am constantly busy balancing work, family and life in general, I will strive to update this blog from time to time. Thank you for visiting my blog and I do hope, that by you, reading my posts, I have shared with you something valuable. 🙂

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