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Thank you Syntactics Family!

During my Seven-week trip in the US as an Eisenhower Fellow, I was constantly asked how I could endure being away from the company for seven weeks without worrying at all. I always replied that I was very fortunate because I have a team that I can rely on to take care of things while I was away. During my travels, I only worked 1 to 2 hours per day, either at the beginning or at the end of the day to get updates and respond to emails. The nitty gritty details however of managing the divisions and making sure that everything was going smoothly back at the office were done by the team. This enabled me to focus on my objectives for my fellowship and make the most of the wonderful opportunity given to us.

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Reflections After My Eisenhower Fellowship

The seven-week fellowship program has just ended, but the real work is about to begin. Eisenhower Fellowships has opened so many doors for me and have connected me with the brightest and best individuals and organizations to help me take another step in my journey in creating more jobs through Information Technology. I am to go home to my dear motherland and start implementing the best of what I have learned here in the USA. During my seven weeks of going around the US and meeting people, I have listed down some things in my thoughts and reflections that I would like to share.

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My Dad Is On Facebook

Dad has finally fallen to the facebook-trap. He has officially signed up for a facebook account and is active in making comments on our walls. It’s fun seeing him trying to know what his grandchildren considers as fun and what...

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Rest in Peace Sir Brix

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to speak in front of all Sir Brix Palmes’ friends and relatives to give my eulogy for him as a friend and as a student. Allow me to share my eulogy to him in this blog. I believe,...

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