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It’s never too late to post this

Egad! It’s already February and I should be writing about my “possible fateful Valentine’s day” and I’m still trying to catch up with my last year’s posts. So much for writer’s block. So, late October last year our company had our first “Syntactics, Inc. Halloween Party.” I think it’s going to be an annual event as everybody had a great time dressing up as ghouls, goblins and … ahem, I as a pirate. What? You thought Elizabeth Swann was the ultimate gorgeous -pirate? Wait till you see my pirate-pics (aye, shiver-mi-timbers mateys! What confidence! I should be more careful in writing stuff about how I see myself lest I want to “walk the plank”).

My being the “guardian of the door” was pretty effective as I was able to tell those coming in “no costume – no entry” with my stern-yet-sweet (haha) pirate face while I was holding my plastic buccaneer sword. Oh yeah, they were so scared of that sword. The only thing I lacked with that costume was a parrot perched on my shoulder. Hmm… I should have gotten my friend’s parrot for that night or at least a week before that so I would have had enough time to train it on how to say “Squawk! No costume – no entry – Squawk!” 😛

We all had a blast as we found it an opportune time to be whacky and wild and not think of data flow diagrams, web developing and web designing, and Philippine based accounting systems. I could fill this blog post up with other technical jargons but I’ll be kind (and rewind?) and just show you pictures instead:

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Stephanie Caragos is the President & CEO of the 19 year running IT Company, Syntactics, Inc. and is the founder of, a program and initiative that envisions in helping young Filipinos hone their skills in IT and increase their chances of getting stable and profitable jobs. She is also the founder of Syntactics PINK (Promoting Innovation Networking and Knowledge) for women to encourage and empower more women in IT and to encourage the younger generation of women take up STEM. She is a speaker and mentor in various Startup, Online Marketing, Web, ICT and ICT businesses related seminars and talks and works tirelessly in finding innovative ways of marketing online for clients. She is also a staunch supporter of Filipino Small and Medium Enterprises as she continues to develop products and services that would benefit SMEs as well as help them increase their success rate in using technology in business. Stephanie is currently the president of the CDO ICT Business Council and works with the members and stakeholders in the city in promoting ICT to support more startups and create more jobs in the city. She also currently serves as a director for the Eisenhower Fellowship Association of the Philippines. She has completed her Eisenhower Fellowship and was awarded as the Douglas Dillon Named Fellow for the year 2016 and recently completed her term as National President for the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines last 2017.

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  1. LOL! Love the scenes! Shake-Rattle-&-ROLL!

    It’s never too late to say THANK YOU Syntactics family!


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