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Author: Stephanie "Honey" Caragos

Goverment Making The Most of Technology

The Philippine Government has been highly involved in using information technology as a tool for socio economic growth. Recently, in the Mindanao LGU ICT Forum for Innovation and Connectivity through Technology, Philgeps, the Philippines Government Electronic Procurement System, was re-introduced to the local government unit representatives in Region X and I was elated to find out that the Philgeps framework and initiative is actually being studied as a pilot program by other South East Asian Countries. Introduced also during the forum was the topic of “Streamlining A More Responsive BPLS To Businesses” which tackled the measures done by cities...

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Startup CDO First Meet Up

Cagayan de Oro, July 29, 2014 – As July 29 was a holiday, we took the opportunity to catch up with the CDO startup founders at Coffeeworks, Xavier University. It was an informal meetup with most of the groups that were created during the first Startup Weekend CDO as well as other startup founders who are already doing business. It was interesting to note that most of the teams are all interested to continue with their ideas or continue to work as a team. Ideacamp’s founder, Marl Ian Dionaldo, albeit solo in his quest, continued his vision and is...

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Ubiquitous Living

South Korea is developing a new type of city called the U-city (U stands for Ubiquitous). This type of city will have everything interconnected. For example, this would be the proposed process in the grocery business: 1. When the stocks from the suppliers arrive and are being unloaded to the grocery warehouse, a signal from each item will be sent to the grocery’s server wherein the inventory quantity for each specific product is updated (increased). This will include the update of their costs. This means this cuts off time from having to record the receiving report (or delivery receipt)...

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Seamaul – New Community Movement of Korea

Day 2 – “We must overcome poverty.” This is what our lecturer Mr. Lee Joon Ho said to start our lecture. I was surprised to hear this since I saw how progressive South Korea is today.  One thing I’ve noticed in our first two speakers is that they are very proud of South Korea’s ability to rise from the ashes, to have gone through poverty because of their civil war (and other events that took place in their history – invasions and colonization’s) and have survived. They have become one of the strong and emerging countries in Asia and...

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Annyong haseyo!!!

Day 1  – Arrived at 5:30 A.M. at Seoul. The other Philippine delegates, Evan, Gloria, Elvin, Alan and Jong, arrived with me in our way to Korea and we were met by Mr. Jake Kim and Vivian of the Small & medium Business Training Institute (SBTI) met us at the airport. It was a pleasure to finally meet the people whose names we have read constantly in emails and formal correspondences. lugging all our bags at the Incheon International Airport – South Korea I have to say, Seoul’s International Airport is by far one of the best airports that...

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